A topography of social field 
(from Greek τόπος topos, "place", and γράφω graphō, "write")
 part #II of the project Colonial His-story or SCENE(s) MISSING

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Group Show from
10. December 2013 - 12. January 2014
Kunsthaus Hamburg

Swakopmund is an example of German colonial architecture. It was founded in 1892 as the main harbour for German South-West Africa, and a sizable part of its population is still German-speaking today.
After Namibian independence in 1990 many street names were changed from their original German, or in some cases, Afrikaans names, to honor (mostly black) Namibians. For example in 1991, then-president of Namibia Sam Nujoma renamed the main street (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße) Sam Nujoma Avenue in honor of himself

Further information (see below) project at Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen 2013


Religion and Spirituality in Cyberspace
This project includes a range of creative and scientific aspects. The goal of the project is to define new spaces and formats for meeting and religiosity. Religious websites are among the most visited sites worldwide. That religious institutions must reinvent their approaches and aesthetics using the internet to reach their target groups is an increasingly clear turning point. There is an effort to take in different perspectives, as well as the theory and practice of different art and social issues that can be observed through the internet.  

The Project is supported by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the Ministry of Culture.

Dieses Projekt umfasst eine Reihe von kreativen und wissenschaftlichen Aspekten. Das Ziel des Projektes ist neue Formen von Räumlichkeit, Begegnung und Religiosität zu definieren. Religiöse Homepages gehören zu den meistens besuchtesten Seiten weltweit. Eine deutlich Wende ist zu beobachten, wie und unter welchem Aspekt, mit Hilfe welcher Konzepte und Ästhetik religiöse Institutionen sich aufgrund des Internets neu erfinden müssen, um ihre Zielgruppen erreichen zu können. Es ist ein Versuch, verschiedene Blickwinkel, zwischen Theorie und Praxis von Kunst und social Themen, die durch Internet zu beobachten sind. 

Diagram. Wallpaper 380x250cm (screen shot)

example of Religious symbols: Trefoil, (Wicca) Sphere of Deiwos, Pentacle, Bahá'i, Odin's Cross, Dharam-Chakra  
Print: Silk. each format 200x200mm

studio overview at ZK/U Berlin

  Installation process -  (click on a picture to enlarge).

exhibition view: 7/14 Posters at Konsthallen Luleå, Sweden

Short description of the project presented

Much of African history has been passed on through the generations by oral means. Across the continent many nations spread proverbs, a kind of saying that educated and inspired those who employ them. In consequence morals crystallised in the form of proverbs. This piece consists of a collection of such proverbs that I gathered from across the African continent and finalised as printed posters. They are part of my project "Colonial His-story or SCENE(s) MISSING"
on the theme of colonialism in Africa. By employing new modes of presenting knowledge my intention is to provide an understanding of the background and problems of African states today. 

The biennial will take place in Luleå (Sweden), Rovaniemi (Finland) and Severomorsk (Russia) between June 19 and October 6, 2013. 

X-Border Art Biennial book (special edition)
All the 1000 books are numbered and each book have a unique cover.

preview: part #II of the project Colonial His-story or SCENE(s) MISSING

at Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, Germany

 A topography of social field 
(from Greek τόπος topos, "place", and γράφω graphō, "write") 
Namibia was a German Colonie from 1884 to 1915.
Nowhere is the German influence more readily visible than in SWAKOPMUND. 

 Swakopmund from a german perspectiv. published in Windhoek in the 1950s. trilingual (deutsch, afrikaans, englisch)

studio overview

  Installation process -  (click on a picture to enlarge).

Curtain, Panels with original photographs printed onto paper mate. Original print on wallpaper 300x400cm

Original photographs printed onto paper (see below). highly coveted minerals from Namibia. Flags of the German Empire


Stone Eagle and Catalog print with original photographie      
Catalog Print  - size 27''X20''- 11 / 26. Selected Pages 2012

    privately owned collection of documents
photographies from the perspective of a soldier
original photographs printed onto paper mate