exhibition view: 7/14 Posters at Konsthallen Luleå, Sweden

Short description of the project presented

Much of African history has been passed on through the generations by oral means. Across the continent many nations spread proverbs, a kind of saying that educated and inspired those who employ them. In consequence morals crystallised in the form of proverbs. This piece consists of a collection of such proverbs that I gathered from across the African continent and finalised as printed posters. They are part of my project "Colonial His-story or SCENE(s) MISSING"
on the theme of colonialism in Africa. By employing new modes of presenting knowledge my intention is to provide an understanding of the background and problems of African states today. 

The biennial will take place in Luleå (Sweden), Rovaniemi (Finland) and Severomorsk (Russia) between June 19 and October 6, 2013. 

X-Border Art Biennial book (special edition)
All the 1000 books are numbered and each book have a unique cover.