A topography of social field 
(from Greek τόπος topos, "place", and γράφω graphō, "write")
 part #II of the project Colonial His-story or SCENE(s) MISSING

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10. December 2013 - 12. January 2014
Kunsthaus Hamburg

Swakopmund is an example of German colonial architecture. It was founded in 1892 as the main harbour for German South-West Africa, and a sizable part of its population is still German-speaking today.
After Namibian independence in 1990 many street names were changed from their original German, or in some cases, Afrikaans names, to honor (mostly black) Namibians. For example in 1991, then-president of Namibia Sam Nujoma renamed the main street (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße) Sam Nujoma Avenue in honor of himself

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