Exibition with Gilles Aubry and Youssef Tabti at Künstlerhaus-Hamburg FRISE

Work presented: Rhetoric - Hill of the Pnyx
Photographs of wall scribblings in a former Turkish prison (Sinop Fortress Prison*) corresponding to a plans the Hill of Pnyx in Athens. In the background: video-Interview with Christos Yannaras.
In his video work, which is part of his, project “Rhetoric - Hill of the Pnyx ”, renowned Greek philosopher and Theologian Christos Yannaras (born in Athens in 1935. Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the Panteion University) gives his point of view from ancient Greek history. The text was deliberately spoken in Greek language, the language closest to the original language, ancient Greek. The language and location of this project are strongly symbolic and so go beyond their place and time. They are intended to remind us of how people all over the world have for centuries been fighting for the freedom of expression.  

*The Sinop Fortress Prison was featured in various stories and poems by notable Turkish writers, who served their sentence. Refik Halit Karay, Ahmet Bedevi Kuran, Refii Cevat Ulunay, Sabahattin Ali, Kerim Korcan, Nazım Hikmet and Zeyyat Selimoğlu are some of them to name.


“RHETORIC – Hill of the PNIX” 2017
Galerie Künstlerhaus-FRISE Hamburg 2017
Ausstellungsansicht: Bearbeitete Oberfläche einer Holzplatte, Fotografie auf verschiedene Transparentpapiere.
Inhalt: Gekritzel an Wände und Innenaufnahmen des ehemaligen Staatsgefängnis Cezaevi in Sinop, Schwarzes Meer, Nord Türkei.
Skizzen von Umrissen und archäologischen Planungen der PNYX in Athen, Griechenland

Gilles Aubry work:
“and who ears the desert”
 Twelve LP records are presented in the exhibition space, available for playback on three turntables.

Photographs on transparent paper
in the background video with Christos Yannaras