A Long March through unknown places.
Performance in a political context. Algeria-Tunisia-Libya

(Die Installation stellt mit verschiedenen Techniken eine Kunstperformance mit politischem Inhalt dar.)

Psychogeography, a subfield of geography, was defined in 1955 by Guy Debord as "the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals." 

By definition, psychogeography combines subjective and objective knowledge and studies. Debord struggled to stipulate the finer points of this theoretical paradox, ultimately producing "Theory of the Dérive" in 1958, a document which essentially serves as an instruction manual for the psychogeographic procedure, executed through the act of dérive.

People can see nothing around them that is not their own image; everything speaks to them of themselves. Their very landscape is animated. Obstacles were everywhere. And they were all interrelated, maintaining a unified reign of poverty.

The installation includes a replica of a landscape of North Africa (plaster), Maps with Geographic cordinate latitude and longitude, Six Color prints (50x50cm) and Original Recording. Please click on the following link


Colonial His-story or SCENE(s) MISSING 2011


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A Research laboratory
"Colonialism is a practice of domination, which involves the subjugation of one people to another." 
Said, Edward. 1979. Orientalism. New York: Vintage.

The project aims to combine different scientific and cultural methods of research and production and to employ new modes of knowledge presentation, the objective is to achieve with the help of different materials (Audio-Visual) a project on the theme of colonialism especially in Africa. It is intended/try to provide an understanding of the background and problems of African states today.
Like my last project „Invisible Boundaries“ for „a Parallel event at Manifesta 8“ in Spain, the Project will established as a platform, concentrating on the border between visual arts and social fields. The project can take the form of an audio-visual observation, an artistic/scientific exploration. The goal is to explore the manifold approaches of interaction and interconnection between these genres. I include Installation, lectures and film screenings. The goal is to explore the manifold approaches of interaction and various individual and independent PARTS.
I include Installation, Lecture, Soundscape, Grafic, Performance, Film screenings.

PART # 1 The Congo River 2012 ( view: Soundscape remixed version 1998 ) Inspired by Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
PART # 2 SWAKOPMUND 2012 (Installation) Views: Schöppingen. | Kunsthaus Hamburg. | Oslo 10 Basel.
PART # 3 Collective Forgetting 2011( Pictures)
PART # 4 African Proverbs 2013 (Posters) View X Border Art Biennal
PART # 5 Ritual and social meanings
PART # 6 Colonial His-story or SCENE(s) MISSING (Web project 2011) View : online web 
PART # 7 Online videotheque 2011 view: Le chant du Maldoror