Video View Rhetoric – Hill of the Pnix. 2017 © Youssef Tabti

RHETORIC – Hill of the PNIX marks the end of Youssef Tabti’s Istanbul trilogy. The work revolves around the theme of freedom of speech and democracy. Only the first two parts, however, could be completed in Istanbul. After the coup attempt in 2016, Tabti had to relocate the project to a neighbouring country – Greece. In Athens met with Christos Yannaras, a theologian and philosopher whose theses have caused controversy far beyond Greece. In the centre of the Pnix, the place of popular assemblies in ancient Athens, Yannaras reminds us of the rhetoric art of democracy and thus sensitizes us for the current threat to freedom of expression.
Videoinstallation 2017 (with vinyl adhesive from the map of the Pnix and metal sculptures inspired by desk for the speaker. originally there are also a stone with the word "Bema" engraved in it-the Bema was used as an orator's platform in the ancien world)

Installation View at  Roter Salon im Palais am Festungsgraben. Berlin Maxim Gorki Theater 
3. Berliner Herbstsalon 2017

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